Research & Teaching

Making Territory

Making Territory: Mapping historical and contemporary projects, theories and devices.

Based on works undertaken by the public urban agency of Marseille (Agam) such as the Atlas of the metropolitan area, this seminar explores maps as a way to better describe the components of the territory. The motto ‘Observe to act’ indicates how this knowledge will allow reacting. The main themes addressed are territory, population, economy, housing, travel, environment, and facilities.

This seminar focused on Mediterranean cities, among which Cairo. Students developed 4 thesis and corresponding mappings:
-Religious buildings as a tool for socio-political analysis of urban space
- Green spaces as a social marker
- The development of the informal city
- The Desert Cities’ promise

The aggregated maps are exhibited at the MUCEM, in Marseille, in the frame of the ‘Connéctivités’ show until 2022.

2017, with Laurent Hodebert, INAMA ENSA Marseille (La Fabrique du Térritoire)

Cartes urbaines, projet des étudiants de l'Ecole nationale d’architecture de Marseille (ENSA-Marseille) © Mucem Francois Deladerriere