Research Practice

Prostitution, Urban Space

The relation to space, architecture, and prostitution has been a recurrent interest of research since 2008. Starting with a paper-writing assignment in 2008 (with Valentina Genini), the research became a long-term project in the frame of OMNIBUS's urban design practice, investigating spaces of prostitution in Zürich and how legal frameworks have been used to control monetized sex in urban space. In an attempt to disseminate the topic and raise awareness to the relationship between space and prostitution, the work has been published in many forms in several magazines (Camenzind, MAS Context) and in the form of workshops and lectures (ie.UCL Summer school). The latest published work and updated research (with Gabrielle Schaad) were published in 2018 in TRANS.

2008-2018. With Valentina Genini, Gabrielle Schaad.