Parallel Sprawl / Learning from Pristina

Most of the urban discussions that are taking place in Pristina today are around the large scale projects going on in the centrally located Lakrïshte district or the construction of a Great Mosque. While both developments are symbolically important, the former placing Kosovo in the map of global capital and the later in the cosmology of global Islam, the real needs of Pristina citizens rely most probably in the improvement of the living conditions of its conspicuous suburbs.

"While acknowledging its issues and challenges of urban sprawl in Pristina, a new understanding of urban planning in a post-human condition takes us to consider the advantages of those urban situations where the natural-artificial divide is less defined."

On the kind invitation of Valentin Kunik, Guillaume de Morsier, Ibai Rigby, and Kosovo Architecture Festival. With Agustin Casalia, Katarina Dačić, Katarina Dačić, Bekim Ramku.

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Urban sprawl, Pristina

Ibai Rigby

The Agency of Informal Architecture

Talk at the Kosovo Architecture Festival, 2018.